Interface Masters Technologies engineers more than a dozen Cavium-based networking appliances


Interface Masters Technologies expands its Cavium-based product line. Our networking appliances support ARM and MIPS architecture based on advanced Cavium processors – Octeon III and ThunderX. Interface Masters provides support for the Cavium SDK on multiple Linux distributions including Debian and MontaVista.

Interface Masters appliances target applications include firewall, UTM (Unified Treat Management), IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems), IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), DLP (Data Loss Prevention) and CMS (Content Management Systems), Network Security, SSL/IPSec offload, WAN optimization, SDN (Software Defined Network), DPI (Deep Packet Inspectors), Application Delivery controllers, virtual CPE, branch routers, and custom networking appliances.

We will discuss in-depth some of our selected networking appliances in the next few blogs.

By: Stephanie C. Yanogacio
Marketing Manager

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