Tahoe 904

Quad port 10GBASE-T to 10GBASE-R media converter

Tahoe 904 is a quad port 10GBASE-T to 10GBASE-R media converter. The product leverages existing infrastructure investment by converting 10GBASE-R to 10GBASE-T bi-directionally with no packet loss. Tahoe 904 can be deployed in a tabletop form factor or rackmounted using an optional rackmount plate. The media converter comes with SFP+ multi-mode or SFP+ single mode media. Tahoe 904 can be used with Category 6A or Category 7 UTP copper Ethernet cabling. Tahoe 904 is designed to integrate into lab testing and production environments.   

Tahoe 904 provides major features that are essential in today’s data centers:
  • Quad port 10GBASE-T (RJ-45) support
  • Quad port 10GBASE-SR or 10GBASE-LR support
  • Full duplex media conversion with no packet loss
  • Low latency – 1.55 μsec
  • Supports transmission distance up to 50 meters over CAT 6A or CAT 7 cabling
  • Plug and play – no additional drivers/configuration required
  • Compact form factor: 9.75 inches by 5.75 inches
  • Rackmountable with optional bracket (up to three Tahoe 904s in 1U)
  • Cost-effective alternative to replacing expensive network equipment due to media incompatibility
  • Data center cost saving by connecting Fiber 10G Ethernet ports to 10G copper ports
  • AC 90V~240V to 12V DC adapter
  • Full RoHS compliance
  • EMC, FCC Class A certifications


Operating Humidity 5%–95%
Operating Temperature 0ºC to 35ºC
Airflow 100 lf/m
Maximum Power Consumption 32W


  Inches Millimeter
Length 9.75 247.65
Height 1.73 43.94

Typical applications include but are not limited to conversion between 10GBASE-T and 10GBASE-R ports on Ethernet switches and datacenter servers.

Part Number Description
Tahoe 904-SR Quad port 10GBASE-T to 10GE SFP+ SR Fiber converter, includes 4 SFP+SR optical modules
Tahoe 904-LR Quad port 10GBASE-T to 10GE SFP+ LR Fiber converter, includes 4 SFP+LR optical modules
Tahoe 904-K Quad port 10GBASE-T to 10GE SFP+ SR Fiber converter, includes 4 SFP+SR optical modules and 4 CAT6A copper cables 7 feet long each
Tahoe 904-RM Rackmount plate for Tahoe 904. Enables mounting 1-3 Tahoe 904 in a 1U rack
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