Tahoe 2728

Broadcom Trident Ill Switch Fabric
  • 28 ports of 100/40G QSFP28
  • 8 ports of 25G SFP28
  • 2 ports of 1/10G SFP+

Interface Masters presents Tahoe 2728, a semi-modular 1U switch appliance based on Broadcom’s Trident III switch fabric and managed by an Intel x86 control plane. 

This semi-modular appliance supports two rear-facing I/O bays and can be upgraded with either an off-the-shelf Intel based offload processing module or a 100G port based module.  Additional rear-facing I/O modules can be developed based on your design requirements.

In standard configuration, Tahoe 2728 supports twenty-eight (28) ports of 100/40G QSFP28, eight (8) ports of 25G SFP28 and two (2) ports of 1/10G SFP+.  Additional port configurations can be developed.

Software configurations include white box with ONIE and a complete SDK tool set for custom development.  OpenSwitch support is currently in development.  Open Flow and software partner solutions available. 


Broadcom Trident IIl Switch Fabric

• 32 ports of 100/40G QSFP28

• 2 ports of 1/10G SFP+

Intel Control Plane

• Powerful x86 control plane

Intel Off-Load Processing I/O Modules

• Two optional Intel off-load processing modules

Dual Redundant Hot-Swappable Power Supplies

• High-efficiency power supplies (AC/DC or DC/DC)

Field Replaceable Fans

• Field replaceable fans (multiple airflow options)

Management Interfaces

• Dedicated RS-232 console port

• Dedicated 10/100/1000 management port


• Standard Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

• Optional security (FIPS 104-2 Level 3, GPS, tamper proofing)


• Standard IEEE-1588 PTP support


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Operating Humidity 5%–85%, non-condensing
Operating Temperature 0ºC to 40ºC (32ºF – 104ºF)
Storage Temperature -20º to -65º C (-4º to 149ºF)
Airflow 100+lf/m


  Inches Millimeters
Length 24.25 615.95
Height 1.75 44.45
Part Number Description
Tahoe 2728 Advanced Broadcom Trident III switching appliance with 28 ports of 100/40G QSFP28, 8 ports of 25G SFP28 and 2 ports of 1/10G SFP+. Intel x86 powerful control plane. Supports two I/O Bays.
IM13288 I/O module with Intel off-load processor, plus fans.
IM13289 I/O module: Port based, configured as 1 x 100G (pass-through) plus fans.
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