Created Date Title
31 October 2011 Interface Masters Launches 24 Port 10 Gigabit Hardware PacketMaster Integrated with Twelve 10 Gigabit Passive TAP Segments
05 October 2011 INTERFACE MASTERS Technologies Announces a Unique Quad Segment 10 Gigabit Intelligent Bypass Switch Supporting Passive Network Monitoring
17 August 2011 SuperLumin Networks Announces Support of Interface Masters’ Niagara NICs
15 August 2011 Interface Masters Launches 48 Port 10 Gigabit Hardware PacketMaster for Data Monitoring and Access
25 July 2011 Interface Masters Launches 10 Gigabit Layer 2 – 4 Hardware Loadbalancer with Quad 10G Active Bypass Segments
24 July 2011 (米)Interface Masters 4セグメント 10ギガビット アクティブバイパス機能付き、10ギガビット レイヤ 2~4 ハードウェア・ロードバランサ「Niagara 2804」を発表
06 May 2011 Interface Masters Announces Telco-grade 48V DC Redundant, Hot Pluggable Internal Power Supplies Support for the 10Gb Switches and Bypass Products – Interop Las Vegas 2011
29 April 2011 Interface Masters Introduces Low Cost Quad Port Fiber Gigabit Bypass Server Adapters based on Intel's latest Ethernet controllers 82580 and 82576
29 April 2011 (米)Interface Masters インテル社 イーサネット・コントローラ 82580/82576 搭載、低価格、4 ポート、ファイバ、ギガビット、 バイパス、サーバ・アダプタを発表
01 April 2011 Interface Masters and One Convergence Partner to Deliver a Fully Virtualized Octal PCI-e Accelerator Board Based on Cavium Networks NITROX® PX Security Processor Family