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Interface Masters Technologies offers full range selection of off-the-shelf MIPS, ARM, x86 and Power PC embedded networking appliances. We offer appliances in a variety of form factors including 1U, 2U, desktop and custom form factors. These Cavium, NXP/Freescale and Intel based appliances come in different CPU speeds, cores, I/O interfaces, and memories.

We proudly design and manufacture our networking appliances in San Jose, California.

Our networking appliances incorporate hardware and software building blocks that support the growing demand for network acceleration and application offload for converged data center applications such as next generation firewalls, WAN optimization, Application Delivery Controllers (ADC), 4G/LTE and 5G fifth generation infrastructure applications. Other target applications include network security appliances, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), networking offload assist, SSL/IPSec offload processing, and application delivery controllers.

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