Sierra 3222 is a low-profile dual-port 25Gbps Fiber Bypass NIC with failover capability based on Cavium (QLogic Arrowhead) FastLinQ technology. Sierra 3222 is designed to plug in and be integrated with server class motherboards. The product is designed with a built-in programmable bypass circuit to provide maximum network uptime.

Sierra 3222 supports both multi-mode and single-mode fiber. Sierra 3222 supports high-speed networking in mission-critical applications such as network security appliances, data analytics platforms, secure databases, web application firewalls, application acceleration, WAN optimization appliances, large public and scalable private cloud deployments.

Sierra 3222 is a half-height, half-length server adapter. Using either a short or long bracket, Sierra 3222 can fit into either a low profile or high profile PCI-e slot.