Sierra 3352 is a low profile dual-port SFP+ Fiber NIC with Encryption offload. This high performance NIC is based on Cavium’s NITROX III series IPsec and SSL acceleration technology and Intel’s 82599 10 Gigabit Ethernet controller. Sierra 3352 supports several members of the Cavium NITROX III family including CNN3510, CNN3530, CNN3550 and CNN3560.

Sierra 3352 is designed to integrate with PCI Express compatible servers and high-end security appliances. Fully compatible with Intel drivers and Software Development Kits (SDK) and supported by Cavium NITROX III SDK, Sierra 3352 supports high speed networking and hardware assisted encryption off-load in mission-critical applications such as network security appliances, data analytics platforms, data center virtualization, secure data center to data center file transmission, software defined networks and network function virtualization services.

In partnership with Cavium, Interface Masters offers this combined Network Interface Card with market leading NITROX III encryption off-load technology.