Sierra 804-BP is a quad port 1 GbE copper smart NIC with bypass. A Cavium OCTEON II multi core CPU offers power efficient networking offload functionality for TCP-IP processing, Regular Expression matching, encryption, and RAID.

The network adapter comes in a PCI-e, Gen 2.0 form factor. This sophisticated NIC enables main CPU offload for essential network packet processing. The system comes with a comprehensive Linux development environment.

Sierra 804-BP incorporates hardware and software building blocks for developing intelligent networking platforms that support the growing demand for network acceleration and application offload for converged datacenter applications such as Next Generation Firewalls, WAN Optimization, application delivery (ADC) controllers and 4G/LTE infrastructure applications.

Sierra 804-BP is designed with a built-in programmable bypass circuit to provide maximum uptime for the network. The bypass (fail-safe) circuit ensures that the Ethernet ports remain in operation in case of either power or software failure. The bypass circuit works in the absence of power.