Sierra 810 is a security accelerator ideal for accelerating encryption/decryption functions and demanding asymmetric protocol operations for a wide variety of networking applications such as secure routers, web-servers, and server load balancers. This card is PCI-e 2.0 x 8 and provides market-leading performance for SSL, IPsec, WLAN or combinations of these protocols, freeing up the CPU cycles for other applications.

The solution delivers eight Cavium CN1620 chips per board for leading-edge encryption and hardware acceleration offload on a single PCI-e card. The CN1620 delivers performance of 2.5 Gbps for full SSL and IPsec protocol offload and 1024 bit exponent RSA at 17K RSA operations per second, ensuring optimization for applications such as integrated firewall/VPN appliances, L4+ switches, wireless WAN switches, and 3G infrastructure equipment.