Interface Masters Technologies presents Tahoe 2860, a highly flexible switch appliance based on Barefoot Tofino with 3.2Tb of bandwidth. Tahoe 2860 is a family of switch appliances that provides the ultimate in configuration flexibility. It supports eight bays of 10/25/40/100GE interfaces. Tahoe 2860 support several I/O modules to select from the best optimum solution for an application. Tahoe 2860 supports two hot pluggable 1+1 full redundant AC power supplies and three dual stack hot swappable fans. Tahoe 2860 has two CPU modules One module is for data plane processing and the second module is for control plane processing.

Tahoe 2860 is designed for enterprise class data center operations. The many configuration options of Tahoe 2860 offer the opportunity to create a unique product solution. Interface Masters has a long history of providing high reliability.

Interface Masters Technologies provides support for the SDK on multiple Linux distributions. Additional software and firmware enables rapid application development. Interface Masters Technologies offers levels 1 and 2 support as well as software application development capabilities.