Tahoe 2924-24TX is a 48 port hybrid managed switch consisting of 24 ports of 10GBASE-T Copper and 24 ports of SFP+ Fiber. The Tahoe 2924-24TX is an advanced switching and routing system providing Layer 2 switching, IP v4/ v6 routing, QoS support and management capabilities. The system is built for optimal flexibility enabling high port 10BASE-T copper media configuration which can support 1G RJ45 as well and connectivity to 10GE or 1GE networks via SFP+ or SFP connectors. The unit’s management functionality can be utilized via an extensive web GUI or CLI which enables flexibility and multiple configurations. The Tahoe 2924-24TX is designed to integrate with UTM, Firewall, WAN Acceleration, QoS, IPS, IDS and Enterprise and Datacenter IT security appliances.

The system is based on Marvell Prestera switch family supporting 1GE and 10GE technology with multiple ports. The family supports 4 configurations including, Tahoe 2948, a 48 SFP+ port version, Tahoe 2924, a 24 SFP+ port version, Tahoe 2916, a 16 SFP+ port version and Tahoe 2908, an 8 port SFP+ port version. Each port has support for a variety of SFP modules and cables including SFP+ SR, SFP+ LR, SFP+ ER, SFP-SX, SFP-LX, SFP-TX and direct attached cabling.