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Off-The-Shelf Networking Products

Products designed, engineered and manufactured here in the USA.

What Our Partners Say About Us

Testimonials from our Customers

Interface Masters is a valuable and trustworthy partner.

Their responses are prompt and to the point with a great level of proactiveness. And, with them proposing cost effective solutions meeting all our requirements, it really enables us to focus on our primary business without having to put a lot energy in the design process. They're uniquely well-equipped to handle the process without micromanagement from us.


Yigal Amran

Niagara Networks

I am impressed with Interface Masters flexibility and adaptability during the design process.

Changes in the design specifications are incorporated quickly without compromising the initial design.

Their proactiveness and understanding of our business often enable us to start with just rudimentary ideas evolving into a solid and feature-rich design very quickly.


Andre Vink

Niagara Networks

For us, Interface Master's model of designing and manufacturing in the US is an important advantage.

With a solid component selection and acquisition process underpinning production, they are able to produce very high quality products to be deployed in key locations of any organization. The extremely low number of RMA's due to system failures confirms the production and build quality that Interface Masters delivers.


William Tuong

Niagara Networks

Our Core Strengths

At Interface Masters, we pride ourselves in the ability to apply our deep expertise in working with our partners to design and develop the product of their dreams. We work tirelessly to ensure that we fulfill their every expectation of what a stellar and robust product needs to be. 

Our Partnerships

Our relationships with our partners are a point of pride for us. We value all our partners highly and strive to maintain a strong professional connection with them because we believe that developing bonds with partners and clients is the foundation of a good business.