Interface Masters Technologies presents Tahoe 1417, a 1U powerful networking appliance designed for application requires power for deep data inspection. Tahoe 1417 is based on Intel x86 technology and Freescale / NXP T4240 for data plane processing, and C29X for cryptographic and public key operations.

T4240 QorIQ is an integrated multicore communications processor that supports 12 dual threaded cores built on power architecture with high performance data path acceleration and network interfaces.

Freescale C29x products can be used as cryptographic co-processors, off-loading public key operations from a host CPU. Public key algorithms such as RSA, Diffie Hellman, and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) are the basis of digital signature and key exchange protocols that make electronic commerce possible.

The C293 is targeted to achieve ~31,000 2048b RSA operations per second. Interface Masters Technologies provides support for the LINUX distribution. Additional software and firmware enables rapid application development. Interface Masters Technologies offers levels 1 and 2 support as well as software application development capabilities.

Interface Masters Technologies proudly designs and manufactures our products in Silicon Valley and provides tier 1 service for all of our products. Interface Masters Technologies offers quick turn hardware customization to meet a wide variety of requirements in a fast-paced environment. Please contact us for a comprehensive discussion on your OEM or data center needs.