Tahoe 2748-6C is a semi-modular 1U managed switch appliance based on Broadcom Trident 3 high-speed switch fabric and managed by an Intel x86 control plane using DataSlammer technology.

This modular field configurable switch appliance supports two rear facing I/O bays and expands dynamically in the field by adding additional DataSlammer modules. It can be upgraded with any combination of off-the-shelf Intel XEON D based offload processing modules or the Xilinx® and Altera® performance-leading FPGA modules. Additional rear-facing I/O modules can be developed based on your design requirements.

In standard configuration, Tahoe 2748-6C supports six (6) ports of 100/40G QSFP28 and forty-eight (48) ports of 25G SFP28. Additional port configurations can be developed based on customer requirements.

Software configurations include SDK with complete specific SDK tools for custom development (hardware ready for customer’s software). Custom software development and support is available (Interface Masters has extensive Broadcom Trident 3 experience).