Tahoe 8720 from Interface Masters Technologies is a compact, fan-less, and highly flexible networking appliance designed for SOHO and branch office installations. The processor complex is built on a Cavium CN70xx and CN71xx processor. It features low power consumption, a small form factor, and five RJ45 ports for 10/100/1000 Ethernet. One Ethernet port is POE enabled to power external devices. A mini USB port can be used for console operation. This unit comes with an optional GPS port & TPM. Customization services are offered.

Interface Masters provides support for the Cavium SDK on multiple Linux distributions. Additional software and firmware enables rapid application development. Interface Masters offers Layer 1 and 2 support as well as software application development capabilities.

Target applications include Access Points, Network Security Appliances such as Unified Threat Management (UTM), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Content Management Systems (CMS), Networking Offload assist, SSL/IPSec offload processing, WAN optimization, Application Delivery Controllers and custom networking appliances.