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Adversarial nation states continue to aggressively and broadly use implanted hardware data-tracking devices, cyber tactics and malware to obtain sensitive intellectual property from the United States and Europe – targeting confidential government, private enterprise and educational institution research data.

As one example, on October 24, 2018, Bloomberg uncovered a state-sponsored network hack enabled through ‘off-the-shelf’ Asian built network appliances. The hack exposed confidential data from more than thirty leading US based technology companies:

As another example, on April 16, 2018, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a technical bulletin indicating Russian state-sponsored actors were targeting network Infrastructure devices worldwide. The FBI has high confidence that Russian state-sponsored cyber actors continue using compromised routers to conduct espionage and IP extraction.

State-backed Cyber Attacks Are Growing in Frequency and Sophistication

Nation-states have actively deployed cyber-attacks against enterprises in the US and Europe over the last decade which is well documented and well-known to law enforcement and intelligence communities. In the last few years, state-sponsored cyber-attacks have gained visibility and there is mounting evidence that a significant portion of the Asian built hardware contains hidden data tracking capabilities integrated into both transceivers and transceiver cages.

Companies are now forced to protect themselves from foreign military and intelligence agencies.

Solution – US and European Designed Networking Appliance Hardware

Network hardware is the ideal target because all traffic must pass through these critical hardware devices. For cybersecurity professionals, it is important to understand where the network is designed and manufactured.

Interface Masters network appliance hardware is always US designed and manufactured. We take extreme care in qualifying all components to ensure that the network hardware safely guards even the most sensitive data.

Interface Masters Technologies has for over 20 years been providing innovative US designed and manufactured networking solutions and customization services to OEMs, Fortune 100 and startup companies. We are headquartered in San Jose, California in the heart of Silicon Valley where we proudly design and manufacture all of our products. Based on MIPS, ARM, PowerPC and x86 processors, Interface Masters appliance models enable OEMs to significantly reduce time-to-market with reliable, pre-tested and pre-integrated appliance solutions that can meet the most challenging networking requirements. A wide range of leading networking Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have
chosen Interface Masters embedded appliances over Far Eastern suppliers citing ensuring cyber security as a major factor behind their choice.