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Interface Masters Technologies Continues Financial Commitment with over 25 Years of Charitable Giving

The company’s charitable giving is focused on meeting the basic needs of individuals and families according to founder and CEO Ben Askarinam, “When the company was founded, I made a commitment to give back as the welfare of those around us is critically important. That was the start of us giving back. Now, over twenty-five years later things have changed a lot with more opportunities to give back than ever before.”

For Interface Masters giving comes in all sizes, like a small but much needed contribution provided for a storage locker and materials which aided the Masks Now Coalition, a grassroots movement of volunteers who banded together in response to the urgent shortage of masks brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak in America. All masks are handmade in the USA. Larger causes demand more, so larger contributions from the charitable giving go to a handful of specific causes. These causes are focused on individuals, and families in need who are fighting hunger, need affordable housing or help with health charities.

Askarinam’s giving spirit is contagious, affecting many employees to join him as they start new projects. Examples include volunteering at food banks and donating to the Second Harvest of Silicon Valley food bank during the winter holidays. Recently, employees readily accepted a small project that had a big impact on the local community. Employees purchased goods for three dozen care kits and built and packaged the kits for neighbors in need. The company has seen an even greater need to give back following the pandemic, so this year it will increase its giving. Funds go to a variety of charitable needs. Sometimes the funds go toward activities that are unexpected such as paying the group fees for employees to enter and run the Rock n Roll San Jose Half Marathon for charity.

“I am proud of the success the company has had over the years, and equally proud that as a company our charitable giving has touched the lives of people in such a tremendously way.” Askarinam shared.

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For over 25 years, Interface Masters Technologies has provided custom and off-the-shelf innovative networking solutions to OEMs, Fortune 100, and startup companies. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we proudly design and manufacture all products here. Based on MIPS, ARM, PowerPC, x86 processors, and switch fabrics up to 12.8T, Interface Masters appliance models enable OEMs to significantly reduce time-to-market. Our solutions are reliable, pre-tested, pre-integrated, long-life appliances that meet the most challenging networking requirements. Learn more:

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