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Interface Masters Announces 10GBASE-T and 1GBASE-T Managed Hybrid Switch supporting 48 Ports

Niagara 2924TX-24TG Managed Layer 2-4 Switch with 960Gbps Non-blocking technology supporting 24 ports of 10GBASE-T Copper and 24 ports 1GBASE-T

Media Contact for Interface Masters Technologies
Aaron Nankin, Sales & Marketing Manager
408-441-9341 x122

Interface Masters Announces 10GBASE-T and 1GBASE-T Managed Hybrid Switch supporting 48 Ports

Niagara 2924TX-24TG Managed Layer 2-4 Switch with 960Gbps Non-blocking technology supporting 24 ports of 10GBASE-T Copper and 24 ports 1GBASE-T

Interop Expo, LAS VEGAS, NV, May 8th, 2012 – Interface Masters Technologies, an industry leader in high speed networking systems, today announced new member of its Hybrid Switch series supporting 10GBASE-T and 1Gb RJ45 managed switching in a 1U form factor. Niagara 2924TX-24TG is designed to integrate with Datacenter, Blade servers, Carrier Ethernet and Metro Ethernet devices, HPC clusters, enterprise storage systems, IT Security Appliances and Central Office applications. The system is built for optimal flexibility providing up to 24 ports of 10GBASE-T Copper, and 24 ports of 1GBASE-T Copper. Based on 10 Gigabit Marvell’s Prestera packet processor, and Aquantia low power 10GBASE-T PHY, the Niagara 2924TX-24TG possesses a powerful and full-featured software suite that can be managed remotely via the management or console port, enabling full control over line-rate switching, routing and filtering.

The Niagara 2924TX-24TG is based on the industry’s smallest form factor quad-port 10GBASE-T PHY, the AQ1402. The PHY’s low power and small footprint enables a seamless implementation of high-density 10GE switches for applications ranging from Cloud Computing to Enterprise. Possessing inherent support for triple speed (100Mb, Gigabit and 10Gigabit Ethernet) the PHY ensures the Niagara 2924TX-24TG provides IT managers with a smooth transition from legacy installations to the latest 10GE support.

The Niagara 2924TX-24TG series is the second managed switch of the Niagara 29xx product family to support 10GBASE-T technology. The 10GBASE-T and 1GBASE-T Copper hybrid approach enables the easy upgrade to 10G Copper media and ensures a seamless migration from existing 1GbE copper infrastructure to 10GbE networks without any significant infrastructure changes. The Niagara 2924TX-24TG joins the already established Niagara 29xx family, which ensures that the optimal combination of port density, media configuration and speed flexibility are offered for each unique application without compromising the premium functionality, management interface and Layer 2-4 software platform that is available across the entire product line.

“Interface Masters is pleased to announce an additional high density hybrid switch supporting 10GBASE-T in a 1U form factor to enable the smooth and flexible transition to 10GBASE-T networks as the market evolves as a result of onboard 10GBASE-T server support”, states Ben Askarinam, founder and CEO of Interface Masters Technologies. “Niagara 2924TX-24TG will provide 48 ports of copper RJ45 enabled infrastructure while serving as a scaling switch platform to easily transition to 10GBASE-T with zero requirement for overhauling infrastructure.”


  • SNMP (v1, v2c, v3) agent and MIB support; configuration save / restore
  • CLI (Console, Telnet, SSH), pre-defined CLI commands
  • WebUI (HTTP and HTTPS / SSL), pre-defined web pages
  • Software and configuration upgrade through TFTP
  • Syslog – client (with reliable syslog delivery) and relay
  • TCP/IP stack for IPv4 and IPv6 (including ARP, ICMP, ND, UDP)
  • DHCP (client, server, relay) for IPv4
  • Stateless DHCP service for IPv6 for specific options assignment
  • RADIUS client
  • TACACS+ client
  • IP authorized managers
  • Ethernet port control and management
  • Traffic mirroring
  • SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) client

Basic Layer 2 Switching

  • Transparent bridging
  • VLAN aware bridging with GARP, GVRP, GMRP
  • Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Per VLAN Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (enhanced) – PVRST+
  • IGMP snooping
  • IGMP filtering
  • IGMP Proxy
  • MLD snooping
  • Link Aggregation with LACP
  • 802.1x authentication
  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)
  • Ethernet OAM – 802.3ah
  • MRP (Multiple Registration Protocol)


  • ACLs (Access Control Lists) for traffic filtering
  • 802.1p, DiffServ, traffic prioritization queuing, policing, shaping
  • Rate limiting and storm control
  • Flow control


  • IPv4 unicast – static routing, RIP v1/v2, OSPFv2, IS-IS, BGP4
  • IPv4 multicast – IGMP router, PIM-SM/DM, DVMRP
  • IPv6 unicast – static routing, RIP v6, OSPFv3, IS-IS, BGP4+
  • IPv6 multicast – MLD, PIMv6
  • Route redistribution between IPv4 routing protocols and static routes
  • Route maps for filtering route advertisements and route redistribution – IPv4 and IPv6
  • IPv6 tunneling over IPv4 – IPv4 and IPv6
  • Graceful restart for BGP, BGP4+, IS-IS, OSPFv2, OSPFv3
  • Hot standby redundancy for OSPFv2, OSPFv3, PIM for IPv4/v6
  • Virtual routing with IPv4/v6 static routing, OSPFv2/v3, IS-IS for IPv4, RIPv2
  • VRRP for router redundancy

Pricing and Availability

The product is being presented at the Interop Expo in Las Vegas Nevada Booth #658 and is available for evaluation and volume production. For pricing information, please contact the Interface Master’s sales team at or follow the link:

About Aquantia

Aquantia’s 10Gigabit Ethernet ICs are at the heart of cloud computing and large-scale data center deployments taking place today. This market segment is going through a very fast transition, with astounding growth in the total amount of compute power and the move to faster connectivity. This has in turn led to a new paradigm for 10Gigabit Ethernet all across the ecosystem. With its 10GBASE-T silicon products, Aquantia delivers to its OEM customers the most versatile and highest performance 10Gigabit Ethernet connectivity solution while providing lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Located in Silicon Valley, Aquantia is a venture-backed company, with strong tier-1 VCs and strategic investor support.

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About Interface Masters Technologies

Interface Masters Technologies is a leading vendor in the high speed Networking and Network Monitoring markets, based in the Silicon Valley. Interface Masters’ expertise lays in 1Gb, 10Gb and 40Gb Ethernet networking solutions that integrate with monitoring and inline networking solutions. Flagship product lines include Specialized NICs, SSL/IPSEC acceleration adapters, 10GE Managed Switches, 10 Gigabit Aggregation TAP, Bypass, PacketMasters/Load balancers and failover systems to support network monitoring, network reliability and inline appliance availability.

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