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Interface Masters Announces up to 320Gbps Programmable Traffic Navigator System

Niagara 5010 supports high port density, a fully managed switching fabric, and eight Network Processing boards based on leading multi-core CPUs

Media Contact for Interface Masters Technologies
Aaron Nankin, Sales & Marketing Manager
408-441-9341 x122

Interface Masters Announces up to 320Gbps Programmable Traffic Navigator System

Niagara 5010 supports high port density, a fully managed switching fabric, and eight Network Processing boards based on leading multi-core CPUs

Interop SHOW, LAS VEGAS, NV, May 10th, 2012 – Interface Masters Technologies, an industry leader in high speed networking systems, today introduced the Traffic Navigator, which is a new product family of specialized turnkey appliance systems enabling fully programmable Deep Packet inspection (DPI) application and management to meet the rising networking demands of the application classification, packet inspection and packet processing markets. The Niagara 5010 is a 2U sophisticated networking appliance supporting 40G and 10G ports managed by a non-blocking switching fabric, that can direct traffic to up to 8 multi-core CPU based Network Processor Boards(NPB), to perform demanding applications at high speeds. The system is a flexible and robust turnkey appliance solution that is tuned to support high performance applications in network security, monitoring and surveillance, web filtering, traffic enforcement, cyber security, content management, policy enforcement, network intelligence and other Deep Packet Inspection -based markets.

The system supports high performance networking elements including a multi core 64 bit MIPS control processor, and up to 64 cores CPU for Data Processing. Furthermore, the Niagara 5010 was designed with future expansion in mind, and includes a bay expansion slot for future high speed line-rate processing upgradability. For high reliability and Inline deployment, the Niagara 5010 is compatible with Interface Masters 1Gb and 10Gb bypass technology and can be installed in conjunction with the Niagara 2818 or Niagara 2299.

The Niagara 5010 and its NPBs provide unmatched flexibility evident by fully programmable control and data planes. In addition, APIs and full Linux development environment are provided with the Traffic Navigator and Network Processor Board systems enabling rapid and seamless porting of any open source or Linux application to ensure a robust and powerful network appliance tailored to customer needs. In addition, The Niagara 5010 will be the foundation for a series of targeted applications that can be run on specific NPBs in the area of deep packet inspection, network security, monitoring, forensics, WAN acceleration, Quality of Service and more.

“Interface Masters is proud to announce a first-of-its kind Programmable Traffic Navigator system to address the growing granularity, flexibility and horse power required of network appliances that address the network security, forensics, monitoring, and deep packet inspection markets,” states Ben Askarinam, founder and CEO of Interface Masters Technologies. “Niagara 5010 and associated Network Processing Boards (NPB) ensure the heavy demands of network applications are met at 320Gb line-rates while providing the flexibility to process applications on a variety of multi-core CPU-based blades.”

The Niagara 5010 provides features essential to meet the demands of enterprise, datacenter servers and networking appliances including:

    • 10Gb and 40G ports

Support for SFP (SX, LX and TX), SFP+ (SR, LR, ER) and QSFP+

    • Up to 8 offload Blades/NPB

High Speed Multi-core CPUs
Up to 64 cores @1.5 GHz
Up to 64 GB of memory

  • Multi Core Processor for control plane Processor running Linux OS
  • 960Gbps switch Fabric
  • 24 port 1G switch for inter blade communication
  • 48 Lane PCI-e Gen2 for inter blade communication
  • SATA Controller for raid storage support
  • Four hot pluggable redundant Power Supplies (N+2)
  • Eight hot pluggable, reversible Fans

Pricing and Availability

The product is being presented at the Interop -show in Las Vegas Nevada Booth #658 and is available for evaluation and volume production. For pricing information, please contact the Interface Master’s sales team at or follow the link:

About Interface Masters Technologies

Interface Masters Technologies is a leading vendor in the high speed Networking and Network Monitoring markets, based in the Silicon Valley. Interface Masters’ expertise lays in 1Gb, 10Gb and 40Gb Ethernet networking solutions that integrate with monitoring and inline networking solutions. Flagship product lines include Specialized NICs, SSL/IPSEC acceleration adapters, 10GE Managed Switches, 10 Gigabit Aggregation TAP, Bypass, PacketMasters/Load balancers and failover systems to support network monitoring, network reliability and inline appliance availability.

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