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PacketSled and Interface Masters Partner to Provide Sophisticated Network Forensics and Visibility Solution

Scalable Passive Solution for Network Monitoring and Breach Detection with PacketSled Sensor and Niagara 4248 Network Packet Broker

San Jose, California, January 22, 2016 – PacketSled, a leader in Network Security and Interface Masters, a leader in Network Visibility and Uptime Solutions have partnered to offer a complete network security solution by providing continuous monitoring, breach detection, incident response, user behavior analysis and full network forensics records across single and multi-network 1G and 10G link deployments.

Together, PacketSled and Interface Masters offer an infinitely scalable, plug-and-play, passive monitoring solution that delivers industry leading network security while ensuring network visibility and uptime, with intuitive user interface, reporting and alerts.

An Interface Masters (or any industry standard) 1G or 10G Network TAP or Span port can be connected to the Interface Masters’ Niagara 4248. The PacketBroker ports (1G/10G flexible SFP+ ports) provide the ability to load balance, aggregate, filter and/or mirror the Network traffic provided by the TAP or Span to one or multiple PacketSled sensors. The PacketSled Sensors then perform deep packet inspection to extract all attributes required to perform forensic analysis, while compressing the data to 1/100th of its original size. This data is then processed with analytics, file analysis, known signatures and behavioral rules to alert to actionable security incidents. PacketSled’s Network Forensics platform allows users to query network traffic via a natural language syntax and visualize the results to detect advanced threats. Analysts collaborate to rapidly resolve incidents and report findings to stakeholders. PacketSled sensors are software based and can be installed on commodity hardware.

Interface Masters and PacketSled integrated solution offers a leading edge solution to the market that facilitates real-time analytics, forensics recordings and full 1G and 10G Network Visibility and Uptime , stated Aaron Nankin, Director of Business Development at Interface Masters Technologies. The Packet Broker support provides granular Network access and packet capture which end customers can leverage to provide complete network monitoring and breach detection.

The Interface Masters’ Network Packet Broker provides reliable and configurable control of network traffic, allowing PacketSled to provide a solution that scales north of 100Gbps on commodity hardware.” stated Matt Harrigan. “We’re excited to partner with a company which provides a robust and easy to manage solution to a difficult problem.

The PacketSled Sensor + Interface Masters Niagara 4248 Network PacketMaster solution provides key benefits including:

  • Support for 10G & 1G Network TAP, Filtering, Mirroring, Aggregation, Load Balancing, and Speed Conversion between Network Links & PacketSled Sensor(s)
  • Plug & play, user-friendly Web GUI/Management
  • Continuous Real-time Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Network Forensics
  • Breach Detection via Analytics, Signature, Behavioral and File Analysis
  • Query and Visualize Network Traffic
  • Software based Sensors can be deployed on commodity hardware or in virtual environments
  • Network analytics, reporting and alerting

PacketSled Sensor Product Line Availability

The PacketSled Sensor product line is available and in full production.

For volume pricing information, please contact the PacketSled sales team at

Interface Masters Network PacketBroker Availability

Interface Masters 1G and/or 10G Network PacketBroker System is available and in full production.

For volume pricing information for the Niagara 4248 or any other Network PacketBroker, TAP or Bypass please contact the Interface Masters sales team at or follow the link

About PacketSled

PacketSled provides a cloud-based Breach Detection, Network Forensics and managed Incident Response platform. PacketSled continuously monitors for advanced threats and provides full-fidelity network history, allowing analysts to identify and respond to incidents in record time. Software Sensors can be deployed across the Enterprise in 15 minutes. The company is based in San Diego with offices in San Mateo. For more information, please go to

About Interface Masters

Interface Masters Technologies is a leading vendor in the network monitoring and visibility market including Bypass and Failover Switches, Network Packet Broker, Passive TAP, and Active TAP, based in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Interface Masters’ expertise lies in Gigabit, 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE networking solutions that integrate with monitoring, inline networking, IPS, UTM, Load Balancing, WAN acceleration, and other mission-critical IT and security appliances. Company Headquarters are located in San Jose, CA with satellite offices in Hong Kong and Europe.

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Marketing Manager
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