Niagara 4324-1C PacketMaster Delivers 2.12 Tbps Aggregation, Filtering, and Mirroring in a 1U Supporting VxLAN Tunneling for 100GbE Networks and Tools

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Interface Masters Introduces 100GbE Network Packet Broker

Niagara 4324-1C PacketMaster Delivers 2.12 Tbps Aggregation, Filtering, and Mirroring in a 1U Supporting VxLAN Tunneling for 100GbE Networks and Tools

Interop NY- New York, NY–( October 1st, 2014) – Interface Masters Technologies, provider of leading network visibility and monitoring solutions, today announced 100GbE Network Packet Broker. Niagara 4324-1C, based on Interface Masters’ PacketMaster technology, configured with 24 ports of 40GbE and 1 port of 100GbE in a 1U form factor, while supporting up to 1.06 Tbps of bi-directional traffic, non-blocking technology and low latency. Following the Niagara 4272 introduction, which is the highest port density in a 1u, the Niagara 4324-1C complements the family of Network Packet Brokers, TAPs and Bypass Switches that provide visibility to monitoring tools via filtering, mirroring, sophisticated session-based traffic distribution and aggregation. The system can support distribution and filtering for L2-L4 IP traffic, tunnel protocol handling and it provides the ability to customize keys for distribution. The 100G system supports tunneling of data to remote site for monitoring and inspection via VxLAN tunneling.

“With the increase of network traffic due to the number of users, devices, and video usage operators and service providers are looking to deploy high bandwidth lines, which brings with it the need to monitor and support higher speed networks” stated Ben Askarinam, founder and CEO of Interface Masters. “Interface Masters is proud to introduce its first 100G platform the Niagara 4324-1C which addresses the monitoring of 100G lines by providing a sophisticated platform that enables access to tools like network performance monitoring, network security appliances and other high speed networking analysis tools”

The Niagara 4324-1C provides:

  • Configurable session aware load balancing
  • VxLAN tunneling support, encapsulation and de-encapsulation
  • MPLS, Q in Q support
  • Packet filtering, traffic redirection and User defined bytes filtering
  • Mirroring, one to many and any to any
  • Secure logging and secure management
  • Statistics
  • Up to 2.12Tbps throughput
  • 24 ports of 40bGE and 1 port of 100GbE
  • 1U chassis with dual removable power supplies supporting AC and DC

Pricing and Availability

The product is available for evaluation. For more information, please contact the Interface Master’s sales team at [email protected] or follow the link:

About Interface Masters Technologies

Interface Masters Technologies is a leading vendor in the network monitoring and visibility market including Bypass, TAP, switches and smart NICs products, based in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Interface Masters’ expertise lies in Gigabit, 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE networking solutions that integrate with monitoring, inline networking, IPS, UTM, Load Balancing, WAN acceleration, and other mission-critical IT and security appliances. Flagship product lines include PacketMaster® Network Packet Broker, specialized 10GE internal server adapter cards, switches, 10Gb E,40GbE and 100GbE external intelligent Network TAP and Bypass and failover systems. Company Headquarters are located in San Jose, CA with satellite offices in Hong Kong and Europe.