Niagara 5002 support up to 4 10G segments for De-duplication, Times-tamping and Sophisticated Load Balancing

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Interface Masters Technologies Announces Packet De-duplication and Time-stamping 1U appliance

Niagara 5002 support up to 4 10G segments for De-duplication, Times-tamping and Sophisticated Load Balancing

Interop, Las Vegas, April 2nd, Interface Masters Technologies, an industry leader and innovator in networking solutions, today announced the Niagara 5002. The Niagara 5002 is a 1U network appliance that performs: time stamping, de-duplication and flow based/flow-load, load balancing. The de-duplication will eliminate duplicate copies of packets, generated as result of TAP placed at redundant paths. The Niagara 5002 time-stamping capabilities and high resolution come to support performance monitoring tools, event recording and QoS appliances used in datacenters, corporate networks and financial market.

“De-duplication and time-stamping are very specific features that are required for special applications and topologies. Due to the high speed processing and high accuracy requirements, the Niagara 5002 is a perfect solution as it comes as a standalone appliance and can be installed on demand,” stated Ben Askarinam, founder and CEO of Interface Masters Technologies. “Through the addition of round robbing session based load balancing and the ability to look at the passenger packet when packets are tunneled, multiple low bandwidth tools can be connected to a high speed link and share an even load of traffic.”

The Niagara 5002 provides 5.7ns granularity and is meant to run in conjunction with a broad range of applications, including security, performance monitoring, networking forensics, lawful intercept, data center server appliances.

Main Features:

  • Time Stamping at 5.7ns granularity
  • De-duplication at 10Gb rate
  • Session based round robin load balancing
  • Multiple Tunnel handling capabilities
  • 1U dual redundant power supplies


The Niagara 5002 will be presented at the Interop show in Las Vegas, April 1st -3rd at booth #850. The product is in Beta testing and available for evaluation. Production is scheduled for end of Q2 2014.
For pricing information, please contact the Interface Master’s sales team at [email protected] or follow the link:

About Interface Masters Technologies

Interface Masters Technologies is a leading vendor in the network monitoring and visibility market including Bypass, TAP, switches and smart NICs products, based in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Interface Masters’ expertise lies in Networking visibility at Gigabit, 10GbE and 40GbE networking solutions that integrate with monitoring, inline networking, IPS, UTM, Load Balancing, WAN acceleration, and other mission-critical IT and security appliances. Flagship product lines include PacketMaster® Network Packet Broker, specialized 10GE internal server adapter cards, switches, 10Gb and 40Gb external intelligent Network TAP and Bypass and failover systems. Company Headquarters are located in San Jose, CA with satellite offices in Hong Kong and Europe.