The Niagara 1300, Niagara 1301 and Niagara 1302 Gigabit Embedded Switches Support multi gigabit ports and provides a production ready and low cost solution for networking applications

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INTERFACE MASTERS Technologies introduced an Embedded Switch Family targeted at Networking Appliance and Servers.
The Niagara 1300, Niagara 1301 and Niagara 1302 Gigabit Embedded Switches Support multi gigabit ports and provides a production ready and low cost solution for networking applications

San Jose, California, September 30, 2008 – Interface Masters Technologies, an industry leader and innovator in networking solutions, today introduced a new family of Embedded Switches (ES) products targeted to networking appliances, servers, server blades and embedded computing applications. The Niagara 130x Family is a fully featured embedded Ethernet switch that provides Layer2/Layer3 Gigabit Ethernet and is ready to be integrated into servers by connecting via a serial or Ethernet connection, which enables quick time to market for complex networking appliances. The family is based on the Vitesse SparX-G24 and provides no blocking, wire-speed Gigabit performance on all ports, using an internal 46-Gbps frame bus. The devices are optimized for SMB and SOHO for unmanaged, as well as managed, applications. Due to the internal memory buffers, which are sufficient in size to absorb substantial bursts, no external memory is required.

“Interface Masters has been providing solution to its customers for the past several years and we will continue expanding and introducing reliable and cost effective products to meet customer requirements. The ES family of product will provide flexibility to the OEMs and system integrators by providing a production ready and reliable solution. ” said Ben Askarinam, Senior VP at Interface Masters Technologies. “The ES family of products enables OEMs and system integrators to use off the shelf CPU motherboards to build low cost and powerful networking appliances and specialized servers.”

The Niagara 130x Embedded Switch family provides the following features and capabilities:

General Features

  • Gigabit Ethernet ports with no blocking wire-speed performance
  • 8,192 MAC addresses and 4,096 VALN support (IEEE std 802.1Q)
  • 8,192 IP multicast groups supported
  • Jumbo Frame support at all speeds (10/100/1000) of up to 10 Kilobytes

Layer 2 Switching

  • Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol support (IEEE Std 802.1w)
  • Multiple Spanning Tree support (IEEE Std 802.1s)
  • IGMP, GARP, GMRP, and GVRP support

Quality of Service

  • Programmable multi-layer classifier with four QoS classes per port
  • Strict priority or weighted round-robin forwarding with guaranteed bandwidth allocation
  • Traffic class assignment based on port, 802.1p tag, or Diffserve Code Point (DSCP) field
  • DSCP (IPv4 and IPv6) and IEEE Std 802.1p support
  • DSCP remarking for both IPv4 and IPv6 packets
  • Provider Bridging support with multiple VLAN tags (Q-in-Q)
  • Broadcast and multicast storm control
  • Full duplex flow control (IEEE Std 802.3x) and half duplex back pressure
  • Traffic shaping and policing per port in steps of 128kbps
  • Link aggregation support based on Layer 2-4 information (IEEE Std 802.3ad)


  • Port-based access control support (IEEE Std 802.1X)
  • 4096 VLAN support (IEEE Std 802.1Q)
  • VLAN awareness on a per port basis
  • Independent and shared VLAN learning
  • VLAN Q-in-Q support (VLAN stacking)
  • Source IP filter per port to block unwanted access
  • Extensive snooping: BPDU, GARP, ARP, IPMC, IGMP, TCP/UDP
  • TCP/UDP filter for CPU copy/redirect, frame snooping and frame eradication
  • DHCP filter to block unwanted DHCP servers on a per-port basis
  • Multiple ARP filters for detection of ARP intrusion scans
  • Extensive storm control: broadcast, multicast, unicast, ICMP and CPU (ARP, BPDU)
  • Per port CPU based learning option
  • CPU mirroring per port and per VLAN


The Niagara 1300, Niagara 1301 and Niagara 1302 Embedded switches are available now and are targeted at OEMs and System Integrators, who build systems targeting the Telcos, ISPs and critical IT sector requiring Security, UTM market, Storage Area Networks (SAN), Intrusion Detection & Prevention and WAN Acceleration.

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About Interface Masters Technologies

Interface Masters Technologies is an industry leader and innovator in networking solutions. Established in 1997, in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Interface Masters Technologies is privately held, profitable and growing at a rate of 30% per year (2004 – YTD). Built on its patented technology, Interface Masters Technologies’ flagship product lines include internal Specialized sever adapter cards, external and intelligent Network Bypass and failover systems that are targeted to increase the network reliability and availability of inline networking appliances. The company offers a variety of more than 70 products based on Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet copper and fiber-optic, specifically targeted at the critical IT sector requiring Security, UTM systems, Storage Area Networks (SAN), Intrusion Detection & Prevention, QoS, Packet Calcification and WAN Acceleration appliances. Company Headquarters is in San Jose, California with offices in Hong Kong, Germany and UK.