Niagara 32265 is a low-cost, compact form-factor solution supporting high-availability failover technology and PCI-e Gen2

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INTERFACE MASTERS Technologies Introduces Low-profile, Dual Port Specialized Gigabit Server Adapter based on Intel 82576 Ethernet Controller
Niagara 32265 is a low-cost, compact form-factor solution supporting high-availability failover technology and PCI-e Gen2

San Jose, California, August 17th, 2009 – Interface Masters Technologies, an industry leader and innovator in networking solutions, has announced an additional member of its Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter Card family that is designed to integrate with PCI-e based Networking Servers, Inline Networking Devices, Security and Monitoring Appliances. The Niagara 32265 is a low-cost, low-profile Dual Port Copper NIC, which includes bypass, based on Intel’s latest Gigabit Ethernet controller, the 82576.

The new Niagara 32265 server adapter provides flexible and robust networking and bypass interface options to the mission-critical IT market. Intel’s 82576 Gigabit Ethernet Controller enhances the Niagara 32265 by providing PCI Express 2.0 (2.5GT/s) support, 10/100/1000 Based-T auto-negotiation capabilities, low power 2.8W operation, 16 Tx and 16 Rx Queues per port, enhanced virtualization, layer 2 & 3 security including IPSec & LinkSec, and Intel® I/OAT Acceleration v3.0.

The dual port copper server adapter with bypass is designed for high-availability server applications that demand premium performance and maximum uptime in a compact and low-profile form factor. The bypass feature, upon power failure or power loss, allows network traffic to continue by re-routing traffic from the transmitting port directly to the receiving port. This creates a closed loop that bypasses the down appliance, ensuring that network uptime is maintained.

“Interface Masters is announcing its first member of the dual port Gigabit specialized NIC family supporting the Intel 82576 controller. Niagara 32265 supports 2 1GE networking ports with bypass capabilities for mission-critical networking applications that demand high network availability, high-performance features, and efficient throughput in a compact form-factor,” stated Ben Askarinam, founder and CEO of Interface Masters Technologies. “Interface Masters will be expanding the family in the near future by providing additional specialized features.”

Niagara 32265 provides features that are essential in today’s data centers:

  • Intel 82576 Gigabit Ethernet Controller
  • PCI-E x4 (Gen 2.0 signaling) compatible, 64-bit/133MHz
  • Passive Bypass which is essential during power loss or software failure
  • Programmable “Fail-Closed” or “Fail-Open” while in the power-off state
  • Programmable independent mode to function as a dual Gigabit copper card
  • Integrated PHY for full and half-duplex 10/100/1000 Base-T Support
  • TCP/UDP/IP checksum offload and TCP segmentation
  • Layer 2, 3 and 4 Advanced packet filtering capabilities (IPv4, IPv6)
  • Efficient form factor – 5.2 inches in length and 2.64 inches in height
  • Low power consumption (2.8W maximum power)
  • Full RoHS compliance
  • FCC Class A and CE certification


The Niagara 32265 is designed for system integrators that support the Telecommunications, ISP, IT Network Security, UTM, Storage Area Networks (SAN), Intrusion Detection & Prevention and WAN Acceleration markets. The product is now available for free evaluation for qualified projects and will be in full production late August of 2009.

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