Interface Masters Technologies’ new Tahoe 2664-ZR1 managed network switch takes center stage with enterprise and government applications demanding dense 100/400G switching combined with a full 128-cores of AMD EPYC 2 Milan offload. Tahoe 2664-ZR1 is purpose-designed for machine learning, artificial intelligence and packet broker applications.

The 3U networking device features Intel Tofino 2 switch fabric (12.8Tb), and two AMD x86 EPYC 2 Milan offload processors (16 to 64-cores, up to 3.675GHz clock speed). The appliance includes Interface Masters’ proprietary Intel-based XEON®-D DataSlammer offload processing technology.

Three port configurations are available in standard form:

  • 64 ports of 100G (QSFP28)
  • 48 ports of 100G plus 16 ports of 100/400G

Tahoe 2664-ZR1 includes Linux and out-of-the-box EPYC system management software is available. Software configurations include white box with ONIE SDK (on Intel Tofino) and a complete hardware specific SDK tool set for custom development. Intel Deep Insight, Intel P4 Studio, development tools and software partner solutions are available. Interface Masters also currently offers SONiC, DENT and Stratum™support for Intel Tofino 2.