25 April 2018

Make or buy? To come to the right make-versus-buy decision for networking appliances, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) resist the temptation to “feed the beast.”

25 April 2018

Regardless of the elapsed time of a security breach, the fact is that one day is too long, and by the time a breach is detected, it’s always too late. Shrinking that number to zero is the ultimate goal.

25 April 2018

A “connected car” refers to the presence of devices in an automobile that utilize in-car connectivity, whether through short-range communications or over the Internet, to provide location, diagnostic, or other information as well as to interface with other cars, homes, offices or infrastructure.

25 April 2018

In bringing a networking solution to market, condensed timelines and technology shifts, as well as unexpected product changes, distribution delays and inconsistent support commitments are all part of the picture.

4 May 2018

Choosing among multiple types of networking appliance offerings can be a daunting decision for OEMs and their end-customers.

25 April 2018

For over 20 years, Interface Masters Technologies has been providing off-the-shelf innovative networking solutions with customization services to OEMs, Fortune 100 and startup companies.

5 January 2018

As we celebrate the new year, Interface Masters Technologies is grateful and proud of the achievements we accomplished in 2017.

9 November 2017

Software-defined Wide Area Network (SDN), Network functions virtualization (NFV) provide an efficient path to configure & construct networks.

8 May 2017

Interface Masters Technologies expands its Cavium-based product line. Our networking appliances support ARM and MIPS architecture based on advanced Cavium processors – Octeon III and ThunderX.

1 July 2014

It’s no wonder corporate networks remain just as—if not, more—vulnerable to failure and compromise than ever before. Seventy-eight percent of initial breaches into corporate networks were described as “relatively easy,” according to data from a recently conducted Verizon study.

20 June 2014

A huge finger is currently being shaken at IT, as a new study by Corero Network Security reveals that the majority of teams are not taking proper care of their networks.

18 June 2014

It seems no one is immune to a cyber-attack these days. From the recent cyber warfare waged against three major U.S. data providers—Dun & Bradstreet Corp, Altegrity Inc’s Kroll Background America Inc and Reed Elsevier’s LexisNexis—to the reoccurring attacks from the Syrian Electronic Army, a group that has been responsible

2 May 2014

Many business execs still scratch their heads when it comes to their disaster recovery (DR) or business continuity strategy – or lack thereof. However, having uncertainty as to where to start should not get in the way of ensuring that your DR plan is full-fledged and bullet proof – especially when the financial and reputational

24 April 2014

The network monitoring space has been booming as of late. For instance, the real-time network monitoring market is slated to reach an impressive $670 million this year, according to Infiniti Research Limited.

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