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    Tahoe 1420

    Tahoe 1420 Enterprise Network Appliance with NXP/Freescale



    Tahoe 1420 is a powerful hybrid networking appliance designed for high-security applications and optimized for deep data inspection.

    The Tahoe 1420 hybrid system is based on a NXP / Freescale T4240 main processor and Intel x86 64 co-processor. The T4240 Q or IQ advanced, multicore processor combines 12 dual-threaded power architecture processor cores with high-performance datapath / network interface acceleration.

    Target applications include Network Security Appliance, Unified Threat Management (UTM), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).


    • NXP / Freescale T4240 12 core at 1.8GHZ
    • Intel E3-1505M V6 processor
    DRAM SATA I/O Interfaces
    • Quad-port 1/10G SFP+
    • Octal 100/1000 copper ports
    • Two 10/100/1000 management ports (one per processor)
    • Dedicated PCIe ports (per each processor)
    Optional Security
    • Tamper/intrusion detection circuitry (supported by rechargeable battery)
    • FIPS compliance
    • GPS receiver
    • Tamper/intrusion resistant chassis
    Power Supplies, Fans and Other
    • Redundant hot-swap AC power supplies
    • Three field replaceable fans


    Operating Humidity 5 to 85%, non-condensing
    Operating Temperature 0° to 45°C (32° to 113°F)
     Storage Temperature -20° - 65°C (-4° to 149°F)
     Airflow 200 + LF/m
     Maximum Power Consumption 300W
      Inches Millimeter
    Length 27 685.8
    Height 1.75 44.45


    • Network Security Appliance
    • Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
    • Software Defined Networking (SDN)
    • SSL/IPSec Offload Processing
    • 3G / 4G / LTE Gateways
    • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
    • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
    • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
    • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    • WAN Optimization
    • Application Delivery Controllers (ADC)

    Ordering Information

    Part Number Description
    Tahoe 1420 Hybrid appliance based Freescale/NXP T4240 and Intel E3 - 1505M V6 COM Express Type 6 Module. Quad dual - port 1/10G SFP+

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